Movie review? Maybe nawwt…

I really wanted to get into writing book and movie reviews but I don’t know how well that that’s going to go. Well, since I don’t know a lot of long words….

And as you can see (whoever you are) I have about…1…2….0 FOLLOWERS! I’m sure I’ll get more as time goes on…

But my posts are probably so dull and boring nobody will care enough to read them.

(Oh gawd Kate what are you saying? You’ve only written one other post for Christ sake!)

Hey you know what? I just got an idea…

For the weekend my mother is making me stay at my grandparents house. Oh, it gets better though! Their house is…HAUNTED! I don’t think they know it yet but just for fun I think I’ll investigate to see if there’s any ghosts or whatever. AND THEN I’LL BLOG ABOUT IT!

Just because I’m too afraid to do the movie review…

Well, we’ll see how things work out.

Anyway, as you know I’m only new to WordPress so you know, if you have any tips or advice (and make it appropriate) please leave it in the comments! Yes comment, like, follow and all that jazz!!



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