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Chapter 1&2 of ‘Whispers In The Wind’

Hola! So I’ve finished chapter two of the book I’m writing on Wattpad!It’s called ‘Whispers In The Wind’ and I’ve decided to share it  with you!

Chapter 1: The news:

BANG! I moaned as my vision whirled, my head ached and my hip hit the side of the bed. I looked up and for a moment I had forgotten where I was. I had fallen off my bed in my beautiful new re-done room.  I yawned and sat up, seeing my cat, Daisy, lying at the end of my bed.

“Did you push me off?” I laughed.

I quickly put on my slippers and ran down to the kitchen as I smelled my mother making toast downstairs.  I was starving, as I usually was in the morning. 

As I walked into the kitchen, my mother  was just setting out the food on the table. I sat down in the place I usually sit at and munched away.

“Someone’s hungry”, said my mother kissing my forehead.

“Aren’t I always?” I replied still chewing happily on my buttery toast.

“Well, unfortunately I have to run to work. You’ll be alright here on your own for a couple of hours?”

“Aren’t I always?” I smiled.

My mother worked at the local Library in Lucan, where we lived, which she hated but luckily she said there was a chance of a career break which meant she’s get a certain amount of money at the end of each year to pay of the mortgage. She hadn’t decided yet what to do to make a living. She was thinking of fostering children but I wasn’t too keen on the idea. I was happy enough being an only child. Anyway, for now she had to work for the whole Summer while I stayed at home bored out of my fricken’ mind! 

She left for work and once again I was left feeling very bored and lonely, with only Daisy to keep me company.

I spent the rest of the day like any other day. Ate some food, watched some TV, fed a cat, checked my Facebook. Nothing interesting. Some game requests, sluts doing their duck faces. Usual stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary. I think you’re starting to get that, yeah, I had a pretty boring day.

I was devouring some strawberry cheesecake ice-cream when my mother burst through the door.

“Victoria! Victoria Crowley get out here!” I heard her call

My heart pounded as I thought of things I could be in trouble for but as I raced into the hallway I saw a huge smile spread across my mother’s face. Thank God. Good news.

“What’s up?” I asked casually

“I quit my job!” she said jumping up and down, not being able to hold in her excitement any longer.

I looked at her astonishingly. I knew she hated her job but…how would we survive? We’ve barely  got any money! I was so confused. What were we going to do? 

I was about to start asking questions when my mother stared at me and said the three words that would change my life forever…

“We are moving!”

“What?  To where?” I said in shock.

“Well, for now we’ll be staying with Granny and Grandad down in County Limerick”

“When?” I said in horror as I wasn’t too fond of my posh Grandparents.

“We’ll leave tomorrow. Now go on and pack your bags. Hurry!” She ordered.

“Tomorrow? I thought they were away in Sligo!” 

“I have a key. They’ll be back in a few days and it’ll be like…ah…a big surprise for them”, she said

“You mean they don’t even-“

“I said go pack! Do it now Victoria. NOW!” 

I marched up the stairs trying to keep tears from rolling down my cheeks. Although, when I made it to my bedroom I couldn’t hold them in any longer. I looked at my dear cat and whispered “Oh, poor little Daisy. You’ll have to stay at Aunt Carol’s again. Poor thing”

She started to purr softly as I held her close and cried into her fur.

Author’s note: Hello! This is my first story so please be nice! I’m doing the best I can! Please leave a comment and give some advice on how I can make this story better or what things I should change and I’ll have a good think about it. PLEASE FOLLOW ME!:) Enjoy ^.^

Chapter 2: Moving Day:

As I packed my bag I could feel the tears stinging my eyes.

Why did we have to move? I just didn’t understand. My mother was never the type to do something so wild. I wonder if –

My thoughts were interrupted by my mother calling me downstairs.

“Coming!” I called back.

I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to my friends. I mean, I don’t actually have any friends…but still. 

I walked down the stairs,suitcase in hand, a sad expression on my face.

  “Ah now! Stop sulking. We’ll stop off at McDonald’s as a treat, hmm? Yes”, she said

No happy meal was going to make me any happier. But I do think I’ll be quite peckish after a two hour drive so I didn’t object. 


The ride was horrible. Bumpy, twisty country roads and getting stuck behind tractors every 5 minutes were such a pain. I hated travelling.

Now, we were pulled up in my Grandparent’s driveway staring at the old Victorian house.

“This isn’t their house”, I said, not being able to take my eyes off the house.

There was something about it…so…mysterious and dark.

“They moved”, said my mother getting ready to get out.

Why would anyone want to move here? The house was old and creepy, the air smelled of manure and I doubt it was much to look at inside either. I hated how quiet it was. I shuddered, feeling as if someone was watching me.

We walked inside with our bags and the inside of the old Victorian house was just as I predicted. Old and smelly. Of course my dodgy Grandparent’s chose to live here.

My mother spoke first

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Was. She. Joking.

I ignored her idiotic comment and went ahead to find a decent bedroom.

I walked up the stairs to find  myself standing in a narrow hallway. I strolled down and was about to open a door to what appeared to lead to a bedroom, when I stopped, turned and found myself glaring at the door opposite.

I fiddled with the lock. No luck. I pressed my head up against it. I could smell something…it smelt like burning but not quite.

Why was I so attracted to this door? 

I peered through the key hole. All I could see was a blue wall on the far side of the room, and a bookshelf. I don’t know why, but I knew I had to get into that room. Something was luring me into it. Sadly it was locked. I would have to find the key. 

Whispers. I heard whispers…coming from…the walls?

I listened closely trying to make out wgoing on with thhat the whispers were saying. I couldn’t understand. I stepped away from the door, my heart pounding, and walked into the room I was originally meant to walk into.

This room was decent. A nice bed, dresser and a window. The walls were lilac and the curtains a baby blue. There was also a table with beautiful lily’s on it. 

Nice choice.


After I had unpacked, Mum and I watched a movie. Finally Shrek 2 ended and I went to bed.

It was only when I had gotten comfortable in bed that I had realized something. The whispers. I understood what they were saying.


Author’s note: Hey again! Hope you’re enjoying my book so far! What’s going on with the whispering walls and locked bedroom that Victoria was so eager to unlock? You’ll find out in chapter 3! Please give feedback and pleeeeaaaseee VOTE! ❤


And yes, I know the chapters are very short but…THAT’S JUST HOW I WANT THEM TO BE! Okay? Okey-dokey! ^.^


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