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My First Story.

So, I’m attempting to write a story on this site I found called Wattpad where people can write story’s and share them with other users of Wattpad so I decided to write my own. Now, let me remind you that this is my first story so I beg you not to judge me! Take a look!

                                                       Whispers In The Wind:

BANG! I moaned as my vision whirled, my head ached and my hip hit the side of the bed. I looked up and for a moment I had forgotten where I was. I had fallen off my bed in my beautiful new re-done room.  I yawned and sat up, seeing my cat, Daisy, lying at the end of my bed.

“Did you push me off?” I laughed.

I quickly put on my slippers and ran down to the kitchen as I smelled my mother making toast downstairs.  I was starving, as I usually was in the morning. 

As I walked into the kitchen, my mother  was just setting out the food on the table. I sat down in the place I usually sit at and munched away.

“Someone’s hungry”, said my mother kissing my forehead.

“Aren’t I always?” I replied still chewing happily on my buttery toast.

“Well, unfortunately I have to run to work. You’ll be alright here on your own for a couple of hours?”

“Aren’t I always?” I smiled.

My mother worked at the local Library in Lucan, where we lived, which she hated but luckily she said there was a chance of a career break which meant she’s get a certain amount of money at the end of each year to pay of the mortgage. She hadn’t decided yet what to do to make a living. She was thinking of fostering children but I wasn’t too keen on the idea. I was happy enough being an only child. Anyway, for now she had to work for the whole Summer while I stayed at home bored out of my fricken’ mind! 

She left for work and once again I was left feeling very bored and lonely, with only Daisy to keep me company.

I spent the rest of the day like any other day. Ate some food, watched some TV, fed a cat, checked my Facebook. Nothing interesting. Some game requests, sluts doing their duck faces. Usual stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary. I think you’re starting to get that, yeah, I had a pretty boring day.


So that’s it. Only the first page of course, I’ve got plenty more to write but I think I’ll continue that tomorrow. Sound good? Great! Bye bye then.



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